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Awaji Island's special products, roof tiles and incense sticks, can only be purchased here. Awaji Puppet Theatre Lots of original products too!
Please stop by when you visit our hotel.

List of recommended products(Consumption tax included)

Ebessan's fortune

Awaji Puppet Theatre When you visit, please take some good fortune home with you.

1,000 yen

Deko happi coat

The back design features the doll's face, and each piece is dyed.

13,200 yen

Awaji Puppet Theatre Original T-shirts

T-shirts that are also loved by the staff. A wide variety of colors are also available.

2,200 yen

original handkerchief

It is soft to the touch and includes a cute illustration of Kuroko-chan.

550 yen

tote bag

A cute doll character is designed on a tote bag.

1,650 yen

picture postcard

A picture by Ryuzo Hirano, a member of the public art organization Issui-kai from Minami-Awaji City, has been turned into a wonderful postcard.

620 yen for 5 pieces

one-stroke paper

We have made a Japanese paper note card featuring a painting by Ryuzo Hirano, a member of the public art group Issuikai.

520 yen


Hand towels made with traditional stencil dyeing. We designed a hand towel with Gonta from "Yoshitsune Senbonzakura Sushiya no Dan".

1,500 yen

Framed painting "Smile in the Moonlight"

This product is a collaboration between Kaoru Masuda, a painter from Awaji Island, and a picture frame shop from Awaji Island.

2,200 yen

Japanese scent

Scented incense sticks depicting Japanese landscapes. Awaji Island quality is the most popular in Europe.

1,100 yen

aroma code

A string incense that can be enjoyed at any length. You can also enjoy using it instead of mizuhiki or ribbon.

880 yen

Kanzashi (Kanzashi)

It can be used for three types of incense sticks, cones, and swirls.

1,430 yen

Coffee Garden (Slim/Mini)

You can enjoy the scent as if you were in a cafe.

Slim 550 yen / Mini 880 yen

Small granular tiles

Bring small tiles closer to you. Also recommended for hydroponic cultivation.

550 yen

Tomoe-shaped incense stand

A combination of Awaji Island specialties.

1,700 yen

Tile ornament

For entryway or room interior.

2,800 yen