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Awaji Puppet Theatre What
what kind of place?

Full of highlights Awaji Puppet Theatre .. "Traditional performing arts seem difficult ..." That's not true. Children can feel free to experience it with their families, Awaji Puppet Theatre Introducing how to enjoy!

Theater entrance
Awaji Puppet Theatre Arrival in!

The shape of a mysterious building is ...

On August 8, 2012, a dedicated theater for Ningyo Joruri will open, designed by architect Shuhei Endo!
The design makes use of the curves so that the head of the doll looks like a "head" when viewed from the sky.

Minamiawaji City AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI Birthplace of

AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI Originated from the Sanjo district of Minamiawaji City, we are still active in Minamiawaji City.

Buy a ticket
First of all, buy a ticket at the reception

Looking up at the reception ...

Signs lined up above the reception desk. This is called the "Maneki" signboard, in which the names of the seat members are written in ink one by one. Furthermore, a large "gold sign" is displayed on it. It is a signboard with gold letters that the Awaji Puppet troupe put up at the Kidoguchi at the time of the box office. In the old days, it seems that there was a privilege that other entertainment could not be done on the four sides of this signboard, and there was also the protection of the emperor and the feudal lord.

Welcome seats at the entrance of the audience

What kind of person is a seat member?

The performers are called "seat members". The clothes worn by the puppeteer are called "Kuroko", which means "nothing" on the stage.

Lending audio guides and preparing twisted paper

We lend free audio guides in English, Chinese and Korean. If you wish, please contact the staff. In addition, we have Japanese paper to wrap the twist in front of the entrance to the audience.

Awaji Puppet Theatre Power spot

Three gods enshrined in the waiting room (Ebisu, Michikabo, Hyakutayu). In fact, it's a very profitable power spot!

Audience seat exhibition
Visit the dolls on display before the performance

What is the big pattern?

The big mark that you can see first when you enter the audience. this is Awaji Puppet Theatre It is the logo mark "Den". We have taken over the tools of the Yoshida Denjiro-za, which has been around since the Edo period, and the crest of the seat.

Exhibit materials and discerning audience seats

Exhibitions are lined up behind the audience seats. AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI You can learn more about the sickness, tayu, shamisen, and dolls, and what's happening inside the head.
For the interior of the audience seats, we use Awaji Island's special product "Awaji tile" and cypress and cedar from Hyogo prefecture.

The preamble of the seat
Introducing the synopsis before the play

How to enjoy the play

  • Previous theory

    Before the performance, the prelude by the seat members begins. The seat members will explain the outline of today's play and the timing of applause and twists in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Applause timing

    The best time to applaud when the customer thinks it is good. Take the courage to challenge your applause!

  • Twist timing

    At the end of the play, when the curtain starts to close, please throw it toward the curtain.

The performance has finally started!

Introducing how to use dolls and the role of three people

Before watching the play, the seat members will briefly explain how the doll works and how to move it.

The play performance has started! Pay attention to this during the performance!

A doll that moves like a human, a powerful narrative and a shamisen. Please enjoy one stage created by three roles.

The curtain closes
Let's applaud a lot!

The timing of applause and twist is here!

Commemorative photo with Ebisu

You can take pictures with Ebisu Awaji Puppet Theatre only!

The seat members will also bring a ring light so that you can take beautiful pictures. Please take a commemorative photo with Ebisu, who is beneficial to commemorate your trip, and take home a lot of good fortune.

Shop Please have original goods

The most popular is "Otsuru-chan Senbei"

You can only buy it here, including "Otsuru-chan Senbei" Awaji Puppet Theatre We also sell original goods from.

See off
Seeing off Otsuru-chan.
Come again!

"Otsuru-chan" will see you off on your way home. Get in touch with traditional Japanese culture Awaji Puppet Theatre .. You can meet new discoveries no matter how many times you come. We look forward to seeing you again!

A lot of "fortune" will come to your visit
We'll be expecting you!