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what kind of place?

Full of highlights Awaji Puppet Theatre . "Traditional performing arts seem difficult..." That's not the case. You can easily experience it with your family, including your children. Awaji Puppet Theatre Introducing how to enjoy it!

theater entrance
Awaji Puppet Theatre Arrival in!

The shape of the mysterious building is...

On August 8, 2012, a theater dedicated to Bunraku puppet theater designed by architect Endo Shuhei opened!
The design utilizes curved lines to look like the ``kashira'' part of a doll's head when viewed from above.

Minamiawaji City is AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI birthplace of

AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI Since it originated in the Sanjo area of ​​Minami-Awaji City, it continues to be active in Minami-Awaji City even today.

Purchase tickets
First, buy your ticket at the reception.

When I looked up at the reception desk...

Signboards lined up above the reception desk. This is called a ``maneki'' signboard, with each member's name written in large ink. Furthermore, there is a large "golden signboard" displayed above it. This is a sign with gold letters that the Awaji Doll Troupe put up at the Kido entrance during performances. In the past, it is said that there were privileges such as not being able to hold other performances within the 4 ri square of this sign, and that there was also protection from the imperial family and feudal lords.

A member of staff will greet you at the entrance to the seating area.

What kind of person is the staff member?

The performers are called "members." The costume worn by puppeteers is called ``kuroi,'' which means ``nothing'' on stage.

Rental audio guides and paper towels available

We lend audio guides in English, Chinese, and Korean free of charge. If you are interested, please ask the staff. In addition, we have prepared Japanese paper to wrap the ohire in front of the entrance to the audience seats.

Awaji Puppet Theatre power spot

The three gods enshrined in the waiting room (Ebisu, Dokunbo, and Hyakutafu) are actually a very beneficial power spot!

Audience Exhibition
See the dolls on display before the performance begins

What is the big pattern?

A large mark that is the first thing you see when you enter the audience seats. this is Awaji Puppet Theatre This is the logo mark "Den". We are carrying on the props and crest of the Yoshida Denjiroza Theater, which has been around since the Edo period.

Exhibit materials and special seating

There are exhibits lined up behind the auditorium. AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI You can learn more about the nookori, tayu, shamisen, and dolls, and what's inside the kashira.
The interior of the seating area uses Awaji tiles, a specialty of Awaji Island, as well as cypress and cedar from Hyogo Prefecture.

Seminar's introduction
Introducing the plot before the play

How to enjoy a play

  • Foreword

    Before the show begins, the members of the troupe will give a speech introductory to the audience. They will clearly explain the plot of the show and the timing for applause and tips.

  • Applause timing

    The best timing is for the customer to clap when they think it's good. Please be brave and try your hand at applause!

  • Twisting timing

    At the end of the play, as the curtain begins to close, throw it as hard as you can toward the curtain.

Start of performance
The show is finally starting!

Introducing how to use puppets and the role of three puppeteers

Before the performance, a member of the troupe will give a brief explanation of how the puppets work and how they move.

The play performance begins! Pay attention here during the performance!

Dolls that move like humans, powerful storytelling, and shamisen. Please enjoy the one stage created by three roles.

the curtain closes
Let's give a lot of applause!

Now is the time to applause and give a thumbs up!

Commemorative photo with Ebisu-sama

Where can you take a photo with Ebisu-sama? Awaji Puppet Theatre only!

Our staff will also bring a ring light to help you take better pictures. To commemorate your trip, be sure to take a commemorative photo with Ebisu, who will bring you lots of good fortune.

Shop Please enjoy original goods for

The most popular is “Ebessan’s Fortune”

Products such as “Ebessan no Okuwawa” can only be purchased here. Awaji Puppet Theatre We also sell original goods.

Seeing you off
Seeing off Otsuru-chan.
Come again!

On the way home, ``Otsuru-chan'' will see you off. Get up close and personal with traditional Japanese culture Awaji Puppet Theatre . No matter how many times you come, you'll discover something new. We look forward to seeing you again!

Many “fortunes” come to you when you visit us.
We'll be expecting you!