About the performance

I want to know the details of the performance schedule, contents, performers, etc.

About performance schedule and contents Performance information Please check more. The performers will vary from performance to performance, so if you would like to know more, please check at the reception.

I want to know the time required for a performance

The time required is approximately 50 minutes, but there may be a gap of about 5 minutes depending on the program.

Can I enter even if I am late for the performance?

Basically, please enter before the performance starts. If you enter the venue on the way, the staff will guide you so as not to bother other customers, so please cooperate.

Are there any age restrictions on admission?

There are no age restrictions on admission. However, we may ask you to be careful or leave the venue if your child makes a noise or interferes with other guests' watching. In that case, please note that the ticket will not be refunded.

About shooting during the performance

We do not accept photography, video recording, or recording during the performance. If you would like to take a picture for interviews, please contact the office. In addition, we do not allow shooting or recording during the performance, but we will have time to take a commemorative photo with the doll after the performance, so please use it.

About eating and drinking in the hall

Eating and drinking in the theater is not permitted. Please eat and drink at the waiting room outside the theater.

About smoking

Awaji Puppet Theatre The entire building is non-smoking. Please use the smoking space outside the elevator hall on the 1st floor.

When is the museum closed

Basically every Wednesday and the end of the year (December 25-31). If Wednesday is a holiday, it will be changed to the next day. In addition, the museum may be temporarily closed due to business trip performances, etc., so please refer to the details. Performance information Please check more.

Are there barrier-free facilities and services for people with disabilities?

It is equipped with an elevator and there is a wheelchair space in the theater. However, when it comes to performances that include backstage tours, there are multiple stairs and larger steps due to the structure of the stage. If you would like to participate in the backstage and are uneasy about your feet, please contact the staff.

About tickets

I want to buy a ticket

To purchase a ticket, please refer to " Awaji Puppet Theatre Reception desk ""Jalan""EplusYou can purchase from. In addition, when it becomes a reserved seat in a special performance or event, " Awaji Puppet Theatre There may be only "reception desk" and "telephone reception".

I want to know the ticket price

Information Please check the price list listed in.

I want to watch a play in a group

When using in groups / groups Awaji Puppet Theatre Until (0799 52 0260) Contact Please. Group discounts are available depending on the number of people. Group fee is Information Please check the price list listed in.

What kind of discount is available

There are many discounts such as "group discount", "disability discount", "JAF special treatment" and so on. Discounts for people with disabilities are available only to those who have a notebook. For details, please ask at the reception desk. In addition, multiple discounts cannot be used in duplicate.

About items for sale

Do you have original goods and souvenirs?

There is a shop next to the reception desk on the 2nd floor of the hotel. We also have a lot of original goods. Regarding the products for sale Shop You can see it on the page.

Access About the method

To the theater Access I want to know how

Access informationPlease check more.

Is there a parking lot

Please use the parking space for about 25 cars (up to 2.1m in height / including 1 car for the physically challenged) under the hall. If the car is expected to be full due to special performances or events, we will prepare a separate parking lot, so please follow the instructions of the staff.

About public transportation

The nearest bus stop is "Fukura Bus Terminal". There is also a direct flight to Kobe Sannomiya. For more informationAwaji KotsuPlease check more.