When using a car

From Honshu

  • Kobe / Sannomiya

    Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway

  • Tarumi JC / IC

    Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway57.6km / about 46 minutes

  • Seidan Mihara IC

    General road8.6km / about 15 minutes

  • Awaji Puppet Theatre

From Shikoku

  • Shikoku

    Takamatsu Expressway / General Road (National Highway No. 11)

  • Naruto IC

    Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway16km / about 14 minutes

  • Awajishima Minami IC

    General road8.3km / about 15 minutes

  • Awaji Puppet Theatre

public transport(Bus / airplane)of
When using

From Honshu

    • Itami Airport

      Airport bus
      About 40 minutes

    • Kansai International Airport

      Limousine bus
      About 37 minutes

    • Kobe Airport

      About 18 minutes

  • Sannomiya

    Express bus

  • Maiko / High Speed Maiko (via)

    Express bus

  • Fukura

    On footRight in front of the bus stop

  • Awaji Puppet Theatre

From Shikoku

  • Tokushima Airport

    scheduled busAbout 28 minutes

  • Tokushima

    scheduled busAbout 50 minutes

  • Awajishima Minami IC

    Taxi etc.About 15 minutes

  • Awaji Puppet Theatre

* Since the number of route buses from Tokushima to Awajishima Minami IC is small, it takes time to transfer.

Bus search app "busmo" to / from Awaji Island

It is an application that you can easily check the high-speed bus timetable from Osaka / Kobe Sannomiya and Tokushima to Awaji Island.