Awaji Puppet Theatre People trained in


Kumamoto Prefecture Kiyowa Bunraku

Toshinori Kuraoka, Yoshikazu Sato, Natsuko Watanabe, and Sho Okamoto, who were hired at the Seiwa Bunrakukan, spent two years for narrative and shamisen training, Makoto Yamashita, a puppeteer, for two years, and Shuji Kajiwara for about one. For months, Awaji Puppet Theatre Training at.

Nagano Prefecture Ina Shiza(Kuroda Doll Preservation Society, Imada Doll Preservation Society, Waseda Doll Preservation Society, Furuta Doll Preservation Society)

Awaji Puppet Theatre After Master Totaro Yoshida, Shinkuro Yoshida travels to Nagano prefecture every year to teach dolls. The dressing of the doll is Awaji Puppet Theatre Training at.

Kyoto Prefecture Wachi Doll Joruri Preservation Society

Awaji Puppet Theatre Training for puppeteers.

Ehime Prefecture Asahi Bunraku Preservation Society

Training for Tayu and Shamisen in Awaji.

Yokosen Kabuki, Nagi Town, Okayama Prefecture

Shinya Terasaka Awaji Puppet Theatre Trained with Tayu and Shamisen for 2 years.

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo, Tokyo

Hachioji car doll Nishikawa Senryu-za puppeteer Nishikawa Yanagitama has been working for a year. Awaji Puppet Theatre Training at.


Reilen Winter

Awaji Puppet Theatre I want you to teach Joruri three months after the first performance in the United States in 1970. Awaji Puppet Theatre Visited. Music instructor at Columbia University, USA. I trained for about a month and a half.

Julie Timor

From America when I was a student Awaji Puppet Theatre Training for about a month after coming to Japan. Famous for directing the stage of The Lion King, a Broadway musical. When the lion gets angry, the face comes forward Awaji Puppet Theatre I got a hint from how to use the samurai dolls that I trained in.

William Grinson Bill

I came to learn dolls and joruri from the United States. He made a guest appearance at the Awaji Elementary School Judging Committee and talked about "Ehon Taikoki 10th Dan Amagasaki Dan".

Geraldine Meletto

He has been interested in Japanese since he was a child and came to Japan from Australia to teach English. From Grinson Bill Awaji Puppet Theatre After hearing about the training in Japan, from October 1981, he trained at Mori Katsuya, the president of the Awaji Puppet Association at that time, for two months. Was played on the stage. After returning to Australia, he got a job at the state-owned ABC TV and became a popular entertainment newscaster. 1986 Awaji Puppet Theatre Served as a stage interpreter for performances in Australia and New Zealand.

Polish National Alekkin Theater Company

In the 1970s, a professor and nine students from the Department of Puppet Theater at the National University of Drama in Poland stayed in Japan for about a month as a project of the Acceptance Division of the International Foundation. Awaji Puppet Theatre However, I trained on the structure of a three-person doll and how to use it. After graduating from university, he joined the National Alekkin Theater Company, made puppet heads and limbs from paper clay, and even made duck (I wonder if a woman's face becomes a demon). , Laugh, laugh ". After that, "Tsunami" was also performed. "Carmen" and "Don Quixote" are also performed using a three-person technique. It was the catalyst for the three-person boom of overseas puppet theater companies.

Muriel Camus

1987 Awaji Puppet Theatre A French woman who suddenly appeared hoping for training. From my friend Schrunze Rolf of the University of Brulin Awaji Puppet Theatre After listening to the information, I trained 4 times for about 8 months. At first, I was alone twice, but the third time I visited Japan with my friend's puppeteer and the fourth time with an East German puppeteer for training in puppeteering. At the 9th National Puppet Double Summit & Festival in 1999, Ueda Akinari's original "Jasei no Midara" was performed on his way home.

Jane Marie Law

After graduating from the University of Colorado, studied abroad at Konan University and went sightseeing Awaji Puppet Theatre I stopped by. After returning to Japan, he studied religious studies at the University of Chicago Graduate School and studied abroad at the University of Tsukuba again for two years. After studying religious studies and folklore backgrounds, he summarized the Awaji Puppet Sanbaso in the paper "PUPPETS OF THE ROAD". After that, "PUPPETS OF NOSTALGIA" published by Princeton University was written only about Awaji Puppets in English. It was the first book. At the 1997 US performance, he was in charge of not only stage interpreters for New York, Cleveland, and the University of Kent, but also a lecture on Awaji puppets before the performance. At the 2010 Canada-America performance, at Cornell University where I work Awaji Puppet Theatre I realized my dream of wanting to perform.

Basil twist

A puppeteer who is active in New York, Awaji Puppet Theatre Is a graduate of the Puppet Theater Academy in Charleville, France, who was invited to the International Puppet Theater Festival in 1997. Awaji Puppet Theatre After seeing the performance of Ichimura Rokunojoza in Awaji at the exhibition hall, I became interested in the tool return, which is a unique stage mechanism in Awaji. Awaji Puppet Theatre When AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI I trained at the museum and Tokushima. He won the NY Bessie Award and the NY Innovative Theater Award for "DOGUGAESHI", which he produced in 2004 with the inspiration of returning tools, and in 2007 he performed a homecoming performance in Japan.

Bernard Claire

Belgian puppeteer. In 1997, he came to Japan to learn three-person puppets and traditional performing arts, and toured puppet shows nationwide. Awaji Puppet Theatre Then I trained for about 3 weeks. In 1987, entered the National Academy of Puppet Theater in Charleville-Méger, France as a first-year student. After graduating, he launched COMPAGNIE BERNARD CALIR --STUDIO MARIONNETTES and started puppet theater performances for adults, and is active in various fields such as puppet and performing arts design, composition, performance, and direction. In the spring of 2004, he was in charge of producing and operating marionettes for Tokuhon's TV commercials, and the marionettes used are on display at the Yokohama Doll Museum in Yokohama.