Inheriting Awaji Ningyo Joruri

Inheriting Awaji Ningyo Joruri

To train the successor to Awaji Ningyo Joruri Awaji Puppet Theatre The members of the club provide direct guidance to children's associations, elementary and junior high schools, high school club activities, and youth groups. Through the activities, many successors are now growing.

In addition, the local wooden figure making circle inherits the traditional technique of making kashira and conveys the charm of Awaji Ningyo Joruri through exhibitions.

Awaji Ningyo Joruri successor group

City Elementary School Local Culture Department

In 1971, it was an elementary school where Awaji dolls were born, and started activities as a club for the purpose of handing down traditional performing arts of the region.
Under the master of Joruri and puppeteering, club activities were proceeding smoothly, but in 1989, with the death of Masako Sumita, who taught puppets, only Joruri was practiced.
Major performances include successor group presentations, Mihara Cultural Entertainment Festival, and other events.
In 1977, it was broadcast on the world's broadcasting stations as a representative of Japan at the TV and radio broadcasting competition, and became the second largest in the world.

Location / 345-1 Ichifukunaga, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Founded / Showa 46
Leader / Tomoya Tsuruzawa

Fukui Children's Association Doll Joruri Club

In 1971, under the guidance of Master Kanji Tsurusawa, he began practicing Joruri, and in 1947, under the guidance of Master Masako Sumita, he began practicing puppeteering. Once a week, with the enthusiastic guidance of both masters and the earnest practice of the children, they continue their activities and show the results of their practice more than a dozen times each year.
In 1989, the Minamiawaji Children's Doll Jorurikan was completed with the tremendous support of Hyogo Prefecture, Minamiawaji, Awaji Puppet Association, and other related parties.

Location / 392 Kashufukui, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Founded / Showa 46
Leader / Tomosho Takemoto, Hirosuke Yoshida

Mihara Junior High School Local Department

In 1983, driven by the enthusiasm of the locals, the local club was established as a Joruri club for the purpose of inheriting traditions, and began practicing narrative.
The following year, it was officially recognized as a club activity, and with the donation of dolls from the Awaji Puppet Association, it started as a club activity in earnest.
Currently, the students themselves perform all three tasks of "puppets, narratives, and shamisen", "live photo morning face story", "Datemusume Koihi Kanoko", "Kiichi Hogen Sansho Maki", and "Kiichi Hogen Sansho Maki". Ebisu-mai , "Sanbaso," and "Sanjo Awa no Naruto," the narrative and shamisen are taught by the seat member Tomoyuki Tsuruzawa, and the puppets are taught by Tokuzo Yoshida.
Every year, about 30 performances are held both inside and outside the island, including the local area, and the members are working hard to practice every day as a successor to the local culture.

Location / 14-12, 11 locations, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Founded / 1983
Leader / Tomoyuki Tsuruzawa, Tokuzo Yoshida

Nandan Junior High School Local Entertainment Club

In 1983, the local entertainment club was established at the same time as the integrated opening of the former Nandan Town.
Currently, "Ehon Taikoki," "Tsubosaka Kannon Reikenki," "Hidakagawa Iriki," and " Ebisu-mai "4 external titles are being performed.
Students themselves voluntarily work in the three departments of Tayu, Shamisen, and puppets, and inherit the Awaji Ningyo Joruri.
At the time of its founding, the shamisen and narrative were learned from "Living National Treasure" by Tomoji Tsuruzawa, and the puppeteering was learned by Totaro Yoshida, and the disciples of both masters continue to teach.
As a successor to the students themselves, they are striving to produce puppet shows not only in the region but also throughout the country by strengthening not only the skills but also the planning, stage creation, promotion and public relations activities.

Location / 3-1 Shiomidai, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Founded / 1983
Leader / Kotaro Yoshida, Tomokichi Tsuruzawa

Awaji Mihara High School Local Department

In 1952, the local club was founded.
Beginning with the Soviet performance in 1958 Awaji Puppet Theatre Members are also participating in overseas performances.
In 1982, a doll hall was built in the school building.
In 1993 and 1998, at the National High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival, the students performed all three industries of puppets, joruri, and shamisen, and received the Excellence Award (Agency for Cultural Affairs Director's Award) for the performance at the excellent school in Tokyo. I was invited to stand on the Hino stage at the National Theater of Japan.
Even now, he performs about 20 times a year at home and abroad.

Location / Awaji Mihara High School, Hyogo Prefecture
Founded / 1952
Leader / Yukimi Takemoto, Shinkuro Yoshida

Awaji Ningyo Joruri Youth Study Group

In 1971, a person from the local club of Mihara High School was established as the Awaji Puppet Study Group (renamed to the current "Awaji Ningyo Joruri Youth Study Group" in 1977).
In 1978, he appeared in the "27th National Youth Tournament Local Entertainment Division" at Kudan Kaikan in Tokyo and received the "Excellence Award". Received the "Tomoshibi Award" from Hyogo Prefecture.
Currently, members other than those from the local club of Mihara High School are joining in and continuing their activities.

Location / 14-12, 11 locations, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture Mihara Junior High School training ground
Founded / Showa 46

Awaji Puppet Performing Arts Group

In 2002, active high school students from that time gathered to form the "Minamiawaji Junior High School Local Entertainment Club OB Association". In 2006, the members were recruited again and the name was changed to "Awaji Puppet Arts Dance Group", and the activity was resumed as a successor group of working people.
The main external subject is " Ebisu-mai I am trying to improve my skills every day while practicing every week.
At the "Fukuo Chosen Race" held at Nishinomiya Shrine on the early morning of January 10th every year, after manipulating the puppets and blessing the participants in the precincts of the goal, " Ebisu-mai It is customary for "Toka Ebisu" to show off.
In addition, he is performing performances inside and outside the island, mainly in the Kinki area.

Location / 14-12, 11 locations, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture Mihara Junior High School training ground
Founded / 2006

Wooden figure making circle

Kobayashi Rokutayu Study Group

In 1993, in Ayuhara, Sumoto City, where the Awaji Puppet Theater Kobayashi Rokutayu was located, the director of the Ayuhara Public Hall at that time gathered volunteers to inherit the local culture, and the Kobayashi Rokutayu Study Group was established for the purpose of producing the head. Let me.
The instructor at the time of establishment was Mr. Masaru Nishiguchi.
We rented a room in the Ayuhara Public Hall, and now the leaders are absent, and while the members criticize each other, we are working on "making swords" in a fun atmosphere.
Although he mainly works on the production of heads, he also participates in studying the history of Awaji puppet theater, local cultural festivals, and exhibitions sponsored by the Prefectural Citizens Bureau and Awaji Cultural Center.
In addition, he has inherited the local culture by explaining to the children of Aihara Elementary School about Kobayashi Rokutayuza, the history of Awaji Puppet Theater, and how to operate puppets.

Location / 59 Ayuhara Minamiya, Goshiki-cho, Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture Ayuhara Public Hall
Founded / 1993
Inquiries / 0799-32-0382 (Ayuhara Public Hall)

Awaji wood even making course

With the 30th anniversary of the founding of Mihara High School, the "Mihara High School Awaji Puppet Tree Even Doll Association" was established by Mihara High School art club students and volunteer staff in 1981, and was created by a puppet master in Naruto City. Activities begin with Mr. Motomine Un.
From 1983, the "Mihara Community College Kiotozukuri Introductory Course" started with the participation of local people, and from 2010, the activity place was moved to the Awaji Ningyo Joruri Museum in Minamiawaji City and the activity is continued.
After Mr. Sakumoto retired, Mr. Ryoichi Fujino will be instructing.
Participating in exhibitions and production demonstrations, as well as doll repair and production cooperation for successor groups.

Location / 880 Sanjo, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Ningyo Joruri Museum
Inquiries / 0799-43-5037

Awaji Ningyo Joruri Elementary and Junior High School Awareness Survey and Seat Life History Survey Progress Report

2017 Agency for Cultural Affairs "Cultural Arts Promotion Subsidy" (Cultural Heritage Comprehensive Utilization Promotion Project) Promotion and Awareness Project Awaji Ningyo Joruri Successor Mirai Juku

At the Awaji Puppet Association, with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs mentioned above, we will increase the number of members of the successor group of Awaji Puppet Joruri, and try to connect Awaji Ningyo Joruri to the future. By the teacher Awaji Puppet Theatre We conducted an interview survey of the seat members.