Seat introduction


Tomoji Tsuruzawa

The late Tomoji Tsuruzawa

Takemoto Tomoki

Yukimi Takemoto

I would like you to feel the strength of inheriting the Ningyo Joruri that resonates with the hearts of Japanese people.

Tayu / Shamisen

Tomosho Takemoto

Tomosho Takemoto

Let's go back in time to the Edo period and enjoy the time of the play together.

Tomoyu Tsuruzawa

Tomoyuki Tsuruzawa

The exterior is sober, but the atmosphere inside the building is very nice. Please come by all means.

Tomoya Tsuruzawa

Tomoya Tsuruzawa

Takemoto Tomoriki

Yuri Takemoto

Takemoto Tomofuji

Tomofuji Takemoto

Kuribayashi Naoki

Naoki Kuribayashi


Yoshida Shinkuro

Shinkuro Yoshida

Please take a closer look at the traditional performing arts of Awaji Island.

Let's do it

Fumiko Yoshida

We will be performing once in a while with gratitude, so please come by all means.

Yoshida Hironosuke

Hirosuke Yoshida

It ’s good.

Tokuzo Yoshida

Yoshida Kotaro

Kotaro Yoshida

Yoshida Koji

Yukiyoshi Yoshida

Yoshida Senkou

Chiku Yoshida

Yoshida Seiho

Seiho Yoshida

Yoshida Shoei

Matsunaga Yoshida

Yoshida Meigyoku

Akitama Yoshida