AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI About the museum

AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI During the Edo period, it flourished thanks to the protection of the Hachisuka clan, the lord of the Tokushima domain, and by the Kyoho-Genbun period in the first half of the 18th century, there were more than 40 dolls on Awaji Island. There was a seat.
However, after that, the number gradually decreased, and now only the active ones are “ Awaji Puppet Theatre ” I ended up being the only one.
This museum stopped its activities in the mid-1960s. AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI The museum opened in 1990 in the birthplace of Awaji puppets (Sanjo village in the Edo period) after acquiring a set of puppets and props from the prestigious Ichimura Rokunojo troupe.

Opening hours


closing day

Every Monday (open on Mondays that are public holidays), the day after public holidays, and New Year's holidays

Admission fee



TEL/FAX 0799-42-5115
880 Ichisanjo, Minamiawaji City, 656-0475 (2nd floor of the Central Community Center Library)
AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI Museum official page(in Minamiawaji City website)


By car
●From Honshu / Approximately 12 minutes (10km) from Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway "Sumoto IC"
●From Shikoku / Approximately 7 minutes (5.5km) from Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway "Seidan Mihara IC"
If using public transportation
●12 minutes walk (1km) from Awaji Kotsu bus “Ichi” (Next to the west of Minami-Awaji City Mihara Government Building)
For those coming by large bus
AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI The parking lot for the museum is located behind the former Mihara government building of Minami-Awaji City Hall. Go north (7-Eleven side) at the Aoki Nishi intersection on National Route 28, turn left at the intersection in front of the former Mihara government building of Minami-Awaji City Hall, and go around the back of the old government building.

AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI of the museum Shop

AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI At the museum, AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI We sell a variety of original goods. It is also recommended as a memento of your visit.

Product nameprice
AWAJI NINGYÔ JÔRURI Iroha Garuta (with explanation, boxed)1,000 yen
Perfect for interior! Awaji Doll Japanese Tenugui
500 yen
photo postcard300 yen
Shofuku print (Mr. Ebisu, Mr. Daikoku)100 yen
Hiroya Taniguchi art works oil paintings and silk screen prints
10 sets of reproduction postcards (*)
1000 yen
Ryuzo Hirano art work oil painting reproduction postcard100 yen
Ryuzo Hirano word paper500 yen

*Reproduction postcards of Hiroya Taniguchi's art works are also sold individually. (100 yen per sheet)