Records of overseas performances

Records of overseas performances

Overseas performance history: 24 times in 19 countries and 2 regions, total of 34 countries and 3 regions

April 13 to May 21, 1956
1958 Soviet Union (2 cities, 23 performances)

Performances in Moscow and Leningrad. The group consists mainly of Awaji Gennojoza.

January 26th to April 3rd, 1974
1974 USA (25 performances in 16 cities)

Performed in Boston and New York. Awaji Puppet Theatre The first overseas performance as. In particular, he performed at Carnegie Hall, which was admired by performing artists around the world for its cypress stage. It was planned by Beate Shirota Gordon, who was in charge of gender equality in drafting the Japanese constitution.

January 24th to February 15th, 1978
1978 France/Spain (11 performances in 4 cities)

Realized as an art exchange business. In France, he performed at UNESCO Headquarters and Salon des Tiners. Performances in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. The Kobe West Association was established on the occasion of this Spanish performance. The circle of international goodwill expanded through Awaji dolls.

March 14th to April 24th, 1979
1979 Italy (30 performances in 20 cities)

Invited to the "Manipulator of Dreams: East and West Dolls - International Doll Festival". Along with Shadow Play from Bali, Guignol from Naples, Knight from Sicily, and the Czech National Puppet Theater, he performs ad-libs while performing touring performances.

October 27th to November 2nd, 1979
1979 Hong Kong (3 performances in 1 city)

Like the performance in Italy, the performance will be held as part of the project of the "Manipulator Calling for Dreams: Dolls of the East and West - International Doll Festival".

August 7-16, 1984
1984 Netherlands/Belgium (4 performances in 2 cities)

Invited to Japan in Rotterdam, a comprehensive exhibition commemorating the 375th anniversary of Japan-Netherlands commerce. Performed at the General Cultural Center Doelen in Rotterdam, and at Schaar Poold in Knokken-Heist in Belgium.

March 1st to March 25th, 1986
1986 Australia/New Zealand (25 performances in 3 cities)

Invited to the art festival "Adelaide Festival". As a gift of a koala from Western Australia, Hyogo Prefecture's sister state, to the prefectural Awaji Farm Park, the performance will also be held at the Playhouse Theater in Perth in the same state as a thank you. He also traveled to New Zealand to perform at the City Corporation Theater in Wellington.

May 9th to May 20th, 1987
1987 Sweden/Denmark (5 performances in 2 cities)

Performed in Gothenburg, Sweden and Aarhus, Denmark. During the event, the third-generation puppeteer Yurakame from Osaka participated in the head-making demonstration, which was well received.

November 25, 1992 to December 15, 1992
1992 Spain, Germany, Poland (5 cities, 7 performances)

Invited to Tolosa International Puppet Theater Festival in Spain. Performances were held at the Tolosa Reidl Theater in Spain, the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne in Germany, and the Warsaw Grand Theater in Poland. In Cologne, we had exchanges with the Henneschen Puppet Theater and in Poland with the Alekkin Puppet Theater.

November 14th to December 6th, 1994
1994 Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland (7 performances in 5 cities)

I was invited to the opening performance of the newly established Japanese Art and Technology Center in Krakow, Poland, and a tour of five countries was realized. In Poland, he has staged a puppet show that incorporates the techniques and costumes of Awaji puppets and has been revived with the Aleckin Puppet Theater Company, and has been well received.

February 19-24, 1996
1996 USA (4 performances in 1 city)

Participated in “Hyogo Culture Week” held in Seattle, Washington. Performed at the Broadway Performance Theatre. We interacted with the puppet troupe of the Northwest Theater.

September 17-30, 1997
1997 France (6 performances in 1 city)

Invited to the 11th World Puppetry Festival held in Charleville-Mezieres. About 500 groups, including street performers from 60 countries around the world, participated. At the special doll exhibition hall, in addition to dolls, we also exhibited dolls, shamisen, and a stand.

November 5-19, 1997
1997 USA (17 performances in 6 cities)

They have performed in Cleveland, Warren, Lima, Columbus, New York and Detroit. At Lima, we invited students from the sister cities of Minamitan (currently Minamiawaji City), Goshikicho (currently Sumoto City), and Hokutancho (currently Awaji City) to Serina, Van Wert, and St. Mary's.

July 30th to August 8th, 1998
1998 Malaysia, Australia (5 performances in 2 cities)

Invited to "Japan Festival" held in Kuala Lumpur. She has performed at the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Theater in Malaysia and at the National Theater Institute in Australia.

March 26-April 3, 1999
1999 Taiwan (4 performances in 3 cities)

Invited to the 1st Yunlin County International Puppet Theater Festival. Performed at Yunlin County Cultural Center and other venues. Eight theater companies from seven countries around the world participated. We also exchanged with the Hekireki Puppet Theater Company in Taiwan.

February 22nd to March 6th, 2001
2001 USA (9 performances in 5 cities)

Performed in Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Washington, D.C., Unima (World Puppetry Federation) Headquarters, Galauted University (University of the Deaf), etc.

June 18-28, 2002
2002 Poland (4 performances in 2 cities)

Invited as a guest of the Warsaw Theater University 75th Anniversary World Drama School Festival. He also gave lectures at the Permanent Hall of the Aleckin Theater Company and the Puppetry School in Bialystik, with which he had been in contact for some time. At the puppet theater school, we interacted with the students of the puppet department.

October 16-20, 2003
2003 Taiwan (3 performances in 1 city)

Invited as a guest to the symposium "Sea Silk Road" of National Taipei University of Arts. In the lecture, I participated in comparative performances such as the joruri futozao shamisen, the satsuma biwa, and the Chinese erhu. It was a symposium that introduced the relationship between the transmission of musical instruments and performing arts.

October 5-17, 2004
2004 France/Germany (6 performances in 5 cities)

Performed at the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, the Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne, etc. as an event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Paris Hyogo Prefectural Office. At the Paris performance, there was a greeting from Governor Ido before the start of the performance. The performance in Paris was on the same day as Kabuki, but complaints were made that it sold out in two days.

February 10 to March 9, 2009
2009 Tour in Canada and USA (16 performances in 7 cities)

At the request of the New York Japan Society and with the addition of a request from Canada, performances will be held in two countries. It was a crossing tour from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, Middletown, Ithaca, Amherst, Williamtown, New York, and from the west coast to the east coast.

August 16-22, 2013
2013 USA (3 performances in 2 cities)

Performed at the Allen Theater in Seattle at the request of Hyogo Prefecture as a delegation to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Washington State Friendship Agreement. I also attended a commemorative reception at the State Capitol.

July 13-20, 2015
2015 Italy/France (4 performances in 2 cities)

In response to a request from Hyogo Prefecture, we performed at the Expo Japan Pavilion as a promotion for Hyogo Prefecture for the “Milan International Exposition” held in Milan, Italy. In France, he will accompany the tourism promotion in Paris and perform.

October 15-20, 2018
2018 France (2 performances in 1 city)

In response to a request from Hyogo Prefecture, we performed at the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris as a promotion of Hyogo Prefecture for the "Japonismes 2018 'Regional Attraction' Week - Festivals and Cultural Projects" held in Paris, France. After the performance, we paid a courtesy visit to Seine-et-Marne, a sister city of Hyogo Prefecture, and held a workshop during the school visit.

October 3-9, 2019
2019 France (3 performances in 2 cities)

I was invited to the opening event of Susumu Shingu's "Contemporary Utopia" held at the Chateau de Chambord in France. After the performance at the Chateau de Chambord, we moved to Paris and participated in the 6th Salon du Sake, a Japanese beverage exchange event centered on sake in Europe, and held a workshop at the event venue.

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